We have combined creativity, professionalism, and a good amount of opportunism to create truly fresh and breathtaking videos.  

We do love what we create. With love, magic comes hand in hand.

We have copywriters who have gone through ordeals from the top-class production studios of Ukraine. They are the ones who work on the creative part of our projects.

During the filming process, we engage with directors who possess a fresh perspective in cinema production and a sharp sense of beauty.

We have experienced and effective managers to prepare and smartly plan the whole filming process. They know how to avoid any kind of emergency or crash.

Thanks to our great zeal and wish to create perfection, our tight-knit team smoothly works on the post-production stage.


Yulia Zhatkina

The magic of producing

Sasha Sokurenko

The magic of the frame and the direction

Nastya Zakharova

Magic to creativity and copyright

Artem Garts

The magic of the frame and the direction

Irina Oshovska

The magic of ideas and organization

Vova Pylypyuk

Magic of video promotion

Sasha Romantsova

Magic of design


The magic of the garny mood