When we have 5 seconds to make brand Dobrodia memorable, we have quite a simple but effective plan.
  • At first, we think of a suitable slogan.
  • Then we develop a concept that conveys the brand’s positioning of naturality and family comfort. 
  • And only then we shoot the short but tasty video.
  • Now aesthetic and effective commercial bumper of sponsor for the program “Breakfast with 1+1” is fully ready for you to enjoy.
  • Dobrodiya
  • CineMagic
  • CEO, Producer: Yulia Zhatkina
  • DOP: Alexandr Sokurenko 
  • Creative: Nastya Zakharova
  • Producer Assistant: Iryna Oshovska
  • Sound Disign: Sergiy Chubarev
  • Graphic Arts: Artem Garz 
  • Post-Production: Alexandr Sokurenko